Membership at Flower Mound United Methodist Church means that you are ready to follow Jesus in a new way.  Perhaps you have been struggling to find hope lately, and need direction through an everlasting grace. Or maybe you are experiencing a life change and seeking to become a new creation in God’s love. Perhaps you are seeking a deeper understanding of the world, and are open to the Holy Spirit guiding you.

As a member of Flower Mound UMC, you will find a place to belong, experience beloved-ness, discover your unique blessings and live bravely. It is into this continual rhythm of deepening relationships with God and each other that membership embodies. 

To get to know more about United Methodism you can begin in our “Starting Point” class which offers an overview of United Methodism from a real life perspective. This is offered on a quarterly basis three times a year. In it, you'll learn more about the core tenets of the Wesleyan faith, as well as how we seek to live that theological out in our local context.

Members of Flower Mound UMC, vow to offer their prayers, presence, gifts, service and witness to God. For it is when we all give of ourselves in the holy love of God, that we can love one another wholly.

You can learn more about membership through our Starting Point Class or by contacting one of our pastors.

Starting Point

Starting Point is a 3 week study on the core tenets of Wesleyan Spiritual formation. Through this discussion based curriculum led by one of the pastors, you'll not only learn about our Methodist theology, but how we live it out in our local context. 

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Baptism is an important aspect of church membership. If you have not been baptized, we can arrange this with you personally prior to joining. 

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