What is discipleship?

We define discipleship as the continual process of cultivating within ourselves the very things Jesus embodied: namely love, mercy, compassion, and justice. Developing these character traits in us and integrating them into our daily living is an ongoing, never-ending process that requires companions on that journey. 


Cultivating these spiritual traits, we believe, can lead to spiritual transformation. But doing so requires a balanced spiritual diet. Therefore, throughout the year we offer three sign-up seasons (Winter/Spring - Summer - Fall) as opportunities for you to evaluate what is best for your soul in this season of your life. Each season, we try to offer a variety of Classes (specializing in Christian Education), Communities (opportunities to simply be in fellowship with others), and Groups (a combination of learning and studying together). 

Ongoing Sunday Morning Groups

Sojourners | Weekly | Sun. 9:30am 

About Sojourners | One of Flower Mound UMCs longest standing Sunday School classes, this lecture and discussion based discipleship group is lead by rotation of teachers ranging from PhDs in history to church clergy to seminary students. You can expect to meet other people ranging in age from empty nesters to retirees, couples and singles alike. Each Sunday you'll receive a well prepared lecture-style devotional with the opportunity for discussion and engagement. Throughout the week, this class supports one another through shared congregational care, support, and friendships.

Connections | Weekly | Sunday 9:30am 

This Sunday School class is comprised of mostly couples ranging in age from high-school parents to empty nesters. This group decides on curriculum as the year progresses and often shares facilitator roles. It's not uncommon for the Connections class to meet beyond the church walls to share life via fellowship events. 

Cornerstone | Weekly | Sunday 9:30am 

This lecture style Sunday School class is a great place for those looking for a more educational experience. Lead by lay-member Dave Farish, you're sure to get a deep dive into theology, but a deep dive that connects with our daily lives. 

Serendipity | Weekly | Sunday 9:30am 

This Sunday School class is comprised of couples and singles, parents of young children and some retirees. Though discussion based studies you'll have the opportunity to share life and cultivate your faith through sharing your lived experiences

Elevate | Weekly | Sunday 10:45am 



Pastor's Bible Study | Thursday 9:30am 

Another one of Flower Mound UMC's longest standing studies, this Bible study has evolved and continues to evolve over the years. Each new pastor appointed to FMUMC brings with him/her their own style of study and Biblical knowledge. More importantly, this study is a great for ANYONE looking to just start reading scripture. Each week is stand alone topics so you can jump in and out any time.