About Us

We are a church founded in real relationships.  When it was first being founded, Flower Mound UMC met in people’s living rooms, sharing authentic and connectional life. Together, we have followed the ways of Jesus, praying for one another, caring for our neighbor and serving in the world. Our weekly worship, discipleship ministries and learning opportunities for all ages offers encouragement and support as we explore and live out our faith.  None of us are perfect, but all of us are holy loved by God. It is in this assurance that we can love wholly. 

Our church leadership and beyond are leaning into these four core truths, allowing each to guide our decision making, program creation, and ministry. We believe that growing into each of these truths will only invite further development in the others. And the more we grow the deeper we find ourselves swimming in the mystery of the divine. 

You BELONG to God

You are BELOVED by God

You are a BLESSING for God

You can be BRAVE in God

As we strive to live into these values we believe that was can become a community of faith striving to love our neighbor wholly, even in the challenges our world experiences. 

We want you to take the journey too, knowing that none of us are perfect, but are seeking and serving in the perfect love of God.

Our Mission

At FMUMC we believe everyone is HOLY loved by God + Called to Love One Another WHOLLY


We believe that God created everything seen and unseen. And being all-powerful, all-knowing, and all-present God didn't have to create the universe but chose to do so purely out of God's love for creation. 

We believe that humanity was created in the Image of God. Every person is made with the divine spark within him/her. And even if we fail to see that spark in ourselves (or in others), God sees us for what we truly and who we are truly made to be.

We believe that God is actively at work sustaining, redeeming, and restoring creation. God has been and continues to be active in the world, inviting us to see the divine spark in all of creation. 

We believe in the Triune God. God revealed God's self to be three persons, one in essence -- Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. The defining characteristic of the Triune God is that of love, revealed in the mutual relationship shared between the three persons of the Trinity. 

We believe in Jesus Christ. That God revealed God's self, en-fleshed, in the historical person, Jesus of Nazareth. It was Jesus' life, ministry, death, resurrection, and ascension that makes God's loving nature tangible to us. We strive to model our own life, ministry, and sacrifices (spiritual and physical) after Jesus, embodying the attributes he embodied: compassion, mercy, justice, and love.

We believe in the Holy Spirit. Present with God in the beginning, the Spirit bridges the gap between us and God, assuring us of God's loving presence and ushering us into deeper relationship with God and neighbor. Likewise, it is the Spirit which empowers us to act on our faith as we bravely follow in Jesus' footsteps. 

We believe we're all on a journey toward sanctification. Although made in the image of God, that image has been distorted through sins (what the Bible calls "missing the mark") such as pride, envy, egoism, self-ambition, etc. The process of sanctification means we are actively seeking a closer relationship with God and developing in our awareness of how God is acting in the world, so that our actions might align with God's.

We believe Scripture reveals all things necessary for Salvation. Scripture is a living-breathing document by which we interpret God's self revelation in the world. Although scripture hold prime authority for us, we read it in light of reason, tradition, and experience. As creation evolves, so too do we evolve in our understanding of God's great love. 

Our Convictions

How we live out our beliefs is arguably as important as our beliefs. This year we are committed as a congregation to leaning into these four theological truths, in hopes that each will guide us in our decision making and programming. 

You Belong to God 

Finding a genuine place and space where you belong and can be authentically yourself is arguably what God desires for all people. At FMUMC we not only strive to create inclusive spaces, but also seek to remind you that our identity as children of God, bearers of the imago dei (the "Image of God") both transcends and includes all our other identities. 

You are beloved by God

Even when you might not believe it. Even when you don't feel it from your family, co-workers, neighbors, or yourself; God loves you simply because you are you. The more you come to this awareness, the more it will change you from the inside out.

You are blessed for God

Belonging to God and recognizing you are deeply loved by God, it is also important to recognize that you are blessed. Your very being each day speaks to this blessing, but so too does all the things you've learned throughout your life. The skills, experience, education, etc. have continually shaped you into who you are today. We believe those things can help us, as the church, usher in the Kingdom of God. In other words, we need you and are only as whole as we are when you're with us.

You can be Brave in God

It's one thing to experience belonging, beloved-ness, and to cultivate your gifts to be a blessing to the world. It's another thing altogether to act on it. At FMUMC we are striving to challenge our congregation to trust in God's faithfulness and to witness to your experience being in relationship with God. This may look like inviting someone to church. Or it may look like signing up for a group or mission opportunity you had never considered before. Being brave might entail cultivating something inside yourself or sharing the good news of Jesus so that he or she might have the same opportunity.