Jubilee! ~Free to Grow
The Year of Jubilee speaks of God's desire for us - to be free to grow.
This is the purpose of our Jubilee! ~Free to Grow campaign. We will live into God's will for us to be free from debt, so that neither we,
nor future generations, are weighed down with a burden that hinders the possibilities of the church.

For more information on the Jubilee! ~Free to Grow campaign, click on the image above.


                                              Each of our three Sunday morning services offers a unique style to meet the needs of our members and neighbors for spiritual wholeness. 

                                                                                                        Click on the images below to learn more about each worship service.

Upcoming Events

Sanctuary Choir Rehearsals
June 19, 2024

Sanctuary Choir provides musical leadership for the 11:00 am traditional worship service. There...

Pastor's Bible Study
June 20, 2024

Led by the preaching pastor for the upcoming Sunday worship, this is a great opportunity to...

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