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Why Study the Prophets?

Why Study the Prophets?

by Rev. Alexandra Robinson on February 21, 2024

Amos 7:7-9
Luke 6:20-26

Why are we studying the prophets this Lent? As you will encounter in the prophets words each Sunday, each offers us a different challenge – a new way of understanding our relationship with God and our responsibility to God’s creation. Last week we delved into Malachi’s call to repentance, leading us into deeper obedience.

In future weeks, we will link each of the prophets to a way of faithful living that is fulfilled in Jesus’ ministry.

Amos – Treatment of the Poor
Habakkuk – Fair Economic Practices
Micah – Proper Worship
Nahum – Violence, Arrogance and Idolatry
Isaiah – Judgement and Punishment

When we hear the words of the prophets, we often want to back away. Their words can be hard to hear, their message cuts to our heart. But if we are not willing to listen, we are not accepting God’s care of us. Call it tough love, accountability, or even discipline, but God’s love through the prophets is not just the warm and fuzzys we like to imagine in Valentine’s Day celebrations. It is a love that calls us into repentance and obedience, because it wants the best for us. Sometimes we need others to help us see in ourselves what we can not - our need to change our ways for more holy living with God and our neighbor. When we get comfortable in our living, complacent in our ways or dependent upon cheap grace, we have not heard the message of God’s love fully. God wants us to live in the fullness of our most holy selves – and this is a lifelong journey of transformation.

So this Lent, we invite you to do the hard thing – and listen to words that are not so easy to hear from the prophets. Engage in mission and service that pushes you to a deeper understanding of the “why” we love our neighbor wholly. And take the time to reflect in your journal about how this Lent is inviting you to discover God’s love for you more deeply.  

Then you might be asking the question – Why AREN’T we studying the prophets more often?

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