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In the Beginning

In the Beginning

by Rev. Alexandra Robinson on December 20, 2023

John 1:1-14

In the beginning….

These are the words that begin the gospel of John – introducing the presence of Jesus.  They are also the words opening the first book of the Bible – Genesis – in the creation story.  John is connecting the swirling chaos of the dark void before creation, to the order offered in God’s word spoken:  “Let there be….light.”  Since the dawn of time, God’s presence has been steadfast in word, and now, in the flesh of Jesus Christ:  God’s light on earth.

In the beginning…

of this Advent season, what were you experiencing?  Was it perhaps a chaos of anxiety swarming around you in the expectations of what this season brings?  Was it perhaps a darkness of dread around entering the holidays without the presence of a loved one? Was it the swirling fear of not being able to do or be enough for those you love this Christmas?

In the beginning…

We look to the presence of God to provide order to our chaos, light to our darkness, steadiness to our swirling minds. And now, as we have prepared our hearts, our lives, our spirits for the presence of Christ arriving this Advent, I ask you to reflect upon God’s steadfast presence in word and flesh.  Where have you experienced the glimpses of God’s fulfillment: “let there be?”

Perhaps it was at the Special Music Sunday last week, where you heard music of so many different nations, you experienced a new kind of peaceful perspective uniting you with humanity.  Perhaps it was as you shopped for one of our 287 angel tree gifts for a person in our community, that you experienced a hope for what a difference the church can make in another person’s life.  Perhaps it was in the assurance of new friends surrounding you at Blue Christmas, offering an experience of love that helped you to feel less alone in your grief.  I pray that through this Advent season, as we have journeyed around the world and explored the presence of God in different cultures and experiences than our own, you have been offered a new perspective.  I pray that through this Advent season, as we have served our community faithfully, you have been assured of the sacred power of a servant’s heart.  I pray that as you have been offered space to grieve the loss of love on this earth, you have been assured of God’s healing presence that never separates you from love.

Through these ministries, I have heard God speaking the word saying “Let it be…”  during Advent. So, I pray that this Christmas Eve, you might invite a friend who is in need of hearing the same words in their life circumstances.  For the chaos of our world is not the ending of our human story, it is the beginning.  And the Word of God given to us in the flesh of Jesus Christ can offer us all we need.  Let there be… hope, peace, love and joy for all the world this Christmas! 

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