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I Am Grateful for my Church Because...

I Am Grateful for my Church Because...

by Rev. Alexandra Robinson on April 10, 2024

I am grateful for my church because….

  • They are people who care about me
  • It gave me a place to learn about Christianity
  • They love me and I love them like family
  • All are welcome
  • They accept me for who I am, as I am
  • The youth group are my best friends
  • I love a place where I am assured weekly that I am a beloved child of God
  • The Holy Spirit always present. The warmth and faith of the people of this church.
  • This place and it’s people show me God is working in this world
  • I found my church home! My spiritual home! Found my faith again!
  • It gives my family an opportunity to come closer with one another
  • It gives me a center to my life
  • I feel a real sense of belonging. A part of a church community that welcomes all to participate in the body of Christ.
  • Of total acceptance.
  • I feel represented and cared for here and at peace. That’s never happened at church before.
  • I can let my “Mask” slip and be myself here. Fully loved.
  • I love the missions targeting hunger and homelessness.
  • It gives me a sense of community and something to look forward to every week.
  • We love all people and help others beyond our walls.
  • I feel like what we do for others is much bigger than us.
  • Our church involves my family and celebrates my child with disabilities by finding ways for him to participate in worship.
  • All the things the men’s group does with a happy heart.
  • Support during the worst time of my life.
  • It is my “Home” and I can count on everyone to be like family.
  • Of the wonderful people that help it be the best place in the whole wide world.

These are just some of the responses to the question posed on Sunday – “I am grateful for my church because.”  As I read through the 238 responses shared, my heart was filled with praise for what God is doing in the midst of our church. (you can read them here). This Jubilee campaign has already reaped more blessings than I could have imagined, as it has brought our church together in a whole new way.  I am so thankful for the how God is already at work, assuring us that the Holy Spirit has been, is, and always will be faithful among us.  As I have said many times before already – this is not just a debt reduction campaign – this is a ministry growth campaign.  And growth always begins with gratitude.

This week, we will celebrate the many ministries of Flower Mound UMC and how they have grown from gratitude. That with one person, one idea, one hope, having faith in what is possible - ministries have grown. One by one, the faithful have trusted that God’s provision will be given by looking at what is provided by holy generosity.  As you witness our ministries shared, you will be amazed at the miracles of God’s work among us. Our Jubilee campaign is reminding us that our God is one of abundance in our church. 

You are a blessing,

Pastor Alex

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