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Focus: Holy Week

Focus: Holy Week

by Rev. Alexandra Robinson on March 27, 2024

Mark 11- 15

My online calendar regularly provides a helpful reminder of “focus” for my tasks.  It can  help me prioritize and keep track of my to do’s.  But it doesn’t for this week.

This is a week different than any other in the year – it is Holy Week.  And my focus is different.  This week, I am clearing my schedule as much as possible, spending more time in reading and quiet, and embracing a needed reflective pace.  This is not easy in one of the busiest weeks of the church year; it is even uncomfortable in moments, but I already feel God’s presence in this new rhythm.   I invite you to do the same. 

My encouragement and challenge to you:  ensure you make it so.  I invite your rhythm and routine to simplify.  I invite you to set aside time to meditate on the Scriptures and the sung word.  I invite you to be enveloped by the power of the last days of Jesus’ earthly life in reflection of your own.  I invite you to schedule on your calendar “Focus:  Holy Week.”

I know your daily life this week continues – with work responsibilities, set deadlines and ongoing chores.  I also know you have a choice of what your focus is and how you prioritize.  This week is not just a waiting for Easter, it is a journey to the cross.  We are not just prepping for a big celebration on Sunday, but our reason for it.  We are not only readying to gather our friends and family in a resurrection meal, but to honor the sacrifice of divine love.  We are not just listening for what our daily tasks ask of us, we are listening for how Jesus’ task of the cross guides our choices of giving and receiving.

Yes, our life continues this week:  our loved ones are ailing or in hospital, bridges for work have collapsed, the politician’s promotion drive us crazy.
But this week, our focus allows it all to be held differently from other weeks. 
This week, we allow Jesus’ willing suffering to hold those ailing beyond their will.
This week, we are assured in the collapse of life structures that a new life structure is found when we are servant to all. 
This week, we are reminded in politician’s corrupt claims, that Jesus’ message of love has always been twisted for political gain.
Make the time this week to read Mark 11-15, and meditate on it, listen to God’s message in it, and allow yourself to be enveloped by its power. 
Give yourself the time to be fed by the bread of life and cup of salvation this Thursday night. 
Ensure your schedule holds the power of light and darkness during Friday’s Tenebrae. 
Take moments of silence to sit in Saturday’s grief. 

Then we will be prepared to be the Easter people God needs us to be.

Holy Week at FMUMC

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