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Come, Holy Spirit, Come

Come, Holy Spirit, Come

by Rev. Alexandra Robinson on May 19, 2021

Come, Holy Spirit, Come

Reading: Acts 2:1-12

This Sunday we celebrate the day of Pentecost in the lectionary season of the church calendar. Acts 2 documents the experience of the earliest disciples who were first gathered for this Jewish feast and then heard the rush of a violent wind. They saw tongues of fire upon each of them, and they were all able to speak other languages. Those gathered from many different areas and dialects, could understand one another, and were astonished at how much power the Spirit gave them through these elements. 

When we consider the work of the Holy Spirit, I often think of the rush of Genesis bringing forth life in creation, or the peace that passes all understanding spoken in the Psalms.  But the Holy Spirit in Pentecost works in shocking and surprising ways. The tornado-like experience of wind and the unpredictable nature of fire hovering over heads was far from calming. And yet in that chaos, each found a way to understand another. They could speak in the native language of others, as well as understand the native languages of others.  In the chaos of the experience the Holy Spirit brought a deeper unity in their diversity.

What a gift to hear the Pentecost story this week, in the chaos we have experienced and continue to experience throughout the world. The coronavirus has named the diversity in our native experiences from rises in cases to availability of health care. As the US starts releasing from masks there are other countries who lack vaccines. As some vaccinated persons find release from a burden, others who are unvaccinated due to age or lack of access still experience anxiety. We are reminded today through Pentecost how we remain united with our brothers in sisters, bonded by the power of the Holy Spirit to intentionally try to understand their native experience, not just our own. Part of the Holy Spirit’s purpose is to unite us even in chaotic experiences for deeper connection. Come, Holy Spirit, come. 

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